Learn About Vibrations!

Learn About Vibrations!


The ABRAVIBE blog is where you find all the resources for learning more about vibrations. Browse and download examples for the free MATLAB/Octave ABRAVIBE toolbox. Or browse the many theory examples, videos, and resources for the book "Noise and Vibration Analysis: Signal Analysis and Experimental Procedures," by Anders Brandt!

Plexiplate Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Example

ABRAVIBE ExamplesPosted by Anders Brandt Mar 04, 2013 18:52
The ABRAVIBE example PlexiODS is an example using synthesized data
generated from a modal model of a Plexiglass plate (incidentally, by the
example called ForcedResponse) to illustrate operating deflection shapes
(ODS) analysis in ABRAVIBE. This is an advanced example including
multiple-reference ODS to be able to separate two close modes! The
example is divided into two parts, the first a single-reference technique
and the second an extended multi-reference technique.

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